COVID-19 - Learning From Home

We are confident that we can provide online learning for students remotely if that is necessary due to vulnerable, at risk students being away from school for extended periods of time, or if the school were to be asked to close. 

This confidence is based on:
- our confidence in the implementation of our existing digital strategy
- the responses to an online survey sent to students
- subsequent follow up phone calls home where necessary to clarify information. 

To support effective online learning we do need parents/caregivers who are yet to connect to their child’s Seesaw ePortfolio to do so. Seesaw is already used to set tasks for learning and connect parents with their children’s learning. If the school has to close or more students are needing to work from home, the use of Seesaw to communicate information about learning to students and their families will increase. Well over 90% of our families are connected to their children’s learning already through Seesaw. If you have not connected this is a reminder that you will have received information previously by email and also at our recent learning conferences. If you are unable to locate this information could please make contact with your child’s teacher by email so this process can be completed.

Teachers' email contact details

Hillary Team
- Teacher H1 - Charlotte Grant - 
- Teacher H2 - Gae Johns -  
- Teacher H3 - Hayden Barr -  
- Teacher H4 - Jimaya TeRangi-Henare -

Ngata Team  
Teacher N1 - Nicole Wilson -
- Teacher N2 - Cameron Angus -  
- Teacher N3 - Ian Harrison - 
- Teacher N4 - Inga Solofuti -

Rutherford Team
- Teacher R1 - Joe Gauld -
- Teacher R2 - Kelly McIntosh - 
- Teacher R3 - Nick McBrearty -  
- Teacher R4  Kate Walters -

Sheppard Team  
- Teacher S1 - Hamish Nichols -
- Teacher S2 - Kate Meder - 
- Teacher S3 - Chloe Riches -
- Teacher S4 - Will Fleming - 

- Science - Aaron Nixon -  
- Food & Fabric Technology - Margaret Calder -
- Digitech - Jesse Callaghan -
- Hard Materials Technology - Peter Laing -
- Visual Arts - Abby Meakin -
- Performing Arts - Maria Carter -