School Athletics

Our school athletics this year will take on a new format. All students have been working through skill development and have been trying to achieve qualifying heights, distances and times for the various events during their PE times. On Thursday 31 October we will hold two athletics events:

Championship Athletics - This event will be held at the Ngā Puna Wai facility and will be for all students who have achieved the qualifying standard in each of the events. Students who have qualified will be transported by bus to and from Ngā Puna Wai. Parents are very welcome to come and watch. A schedule of events and the lists of students competing are in the resources section of this page.  Results will be added online as they happen.

Challenge Athletics - This event is being held at school and if for students who didn't achieve the qualifying standard for Championship Athletics. It will consist of a series of challenges in a variety of athletics and athletic like events. The students have been placed in pod groups (4 groups per pod). They will give each of the events a go with the goal of achieving as many of the challenges as possible. They will be competing for their pods as part of an inter-pod competition. Dressing up in pod colours for this festive day is encouraged. Parents are encouraged to come and watch.