40 Hour Famine

Published on Wednesday, 6 July 2022, 1:23 p.m. Print Article

Last weekend was the 40 hour famine, where you have the choice to accept a challenge (eg: 40 hours without food, limited water, no  talking, no technology, or no furniture.) , get sponsored and  donate to world vision to help children who need help to get the water and food they need. 

My experience with the 40 hour famine was terrific. I did 40 hours 40 kilometers on my bike, for this challenge I attempted to relive the experiences people have to go to to find clean water. How far they have to go, and the obstacles they have to face on the way. It was very difficult, and after I felt exhausted, I had the luxury of relaxing but others do not.  Now I know some of what they must put up with.

Everyday 800 children are put at risk for dying from thirst, illnesses, and more because they didn’t have clean water. We hope to have prevented as many children from dying as possible by donating to the world vision. We hope to reach our goal of 8000 dollars. This is life changing for the kids out there. If you raise just $18 you are giving one person clean water for 3 months, $32 buys a 1-month water purifying kit for a family, $102 gives a child a long-term clean water pump close to their home,  1,800 provides 3 months of emergency water to 100 people in a refugee camp. Once more this is life changing for kids who need it, so thank you so much to everyone who donated. 

 By Aurelia Lind R1 and Millie Dumbleton R1