Inventionator 2022

Published on Monday, 6 June 2022, 12:19 p.m. Print Article

Neve,Tui and Allana, H3, were all participants in Inventionator 2022. After a couple of weeks of prep work, they stepped into the online world to work with students from around New Zealand to innovate and develop ideas which they then pitched for a spot in the finals. 
Read Neve's summary for the best news of the week:
"The Inventionator Experience was really cool. Inventionator is a competition you get to do on Zoom and Gather where you get to pick a base idea/problem, for example, my idea was 'Turning Rubbish into Something New' Then you get put into a group with other people that chose that topic. (Groups of 3-5) You must then create a way to do/fix that idea/problem. Our group of five ended up designing a way of turning toxic plastics (Non-recyclable) into 3D printer filament. After creating your idea you must create a speech and a slide presentation to pitch to the judges. My team was made up of five people, Myself, Neel (Cashmere Primary School), Golina (Riccarton High School), Ruby (Riccarton High School), and Jakob aka Music (Maraetai Beach School). Our group name was 'The Plastic Police'. After much great teamwork and a couple of arguments about what the app logo might look like, we managed to win! It was a great experience to work with unknown people and get to know them as the challenge went on. I had been working pretty hard all week so it was kind of sad when it was over but it was great to win! Good job to my fellow classmates who competed in the challenge as well. If you want to try it for yourself, then do! I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in designing/engineering things. Wish I could do it again!"