South Basketball Club

Published on Friday, 1 October 2021, 2:22 p.m. Print Article

2021 saw the South Basketball club expand to a whopping 14 teams playing on Monday and Friday afternoons. The level of commitment that our players displayed throughout a lockdown interrupted season was unparalleled. Many of our basketball players had the opportunity to enjoy their first ever basketball games and a big reason for this was the support of our parent community. All teams were supported throughout the season by parent manager(s). Thank you so much to all parents - whether it be the managers, or those who came down to cheer our teams on!
Special congratulations to the following teams:
-South Nuggets for winning the Monday night year 7/8 B grade
-South Eagles for winning the Friday night year 7/8 A grade
-South Lakers for winning the Friday night year 7/8 Girls Grade