Fruit trees

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Published on Friday, 1 October 2021, 11:23 a.m. Print Article

It has been a challenging year to date in our garden. We had many weeks of rain on Fridays when the Garden Club would have met. Then lockdown. However, it is time to celebrate what we have achieved this year.

Parts of the garden have been redesigned  and opened up as the trees and bushes have grown. Walkways have been created around the trees to make it easier to pick the produce.

Our wonderful team of gardeners have moved a clothesline into position to create a structure for frost cloth to protect the citrus trees.

Bags of horse poo have been bought and added to our compost boxes.

Truckloads of mulch have been spread around the garden to keep the weeds down and retain moisture in the soil.

More Peasgood Nonsuch apple trees have been planted, kindly donated by Edible Canterbury.

Potatoes have been set out to sprout before planting.

The garden beds have been weeded and filled up with a wonderful soil conditioner product. 

And now we can see the blossom coming out on the trees. Next term we will be planting summer crops and waiting for fruit to ripen. The Garden Club are looking forward to a busy and exciting term.