What an outstanding performance by the girls' basketball team!

Day 2 at Broadgreen

Published on Tuesday, 26 September 2017, 5:11 p.m. Print Article

Sunny Nelson finally lived up to its name at 2.50 pm this afternoon, after another day of rain.  However, the weather didn't stop us from having another awesome day at Broadgreen.  
The day kicked off with the final performance of Showcase: The Amazing Race, which was a hit with Broadgreen students and staff. The highlights were the singing, the MC (Diego), Korean Dance and the Boys' Hip Hop Crew. Well done to all of the performers and backstage crew, who did an incredible job of putting on a show in a new and unfamiliar environment.
Next up was year 7 competitive netball.  The game was won by South, bringing us one step closer towards winning the Sports Challenge Trophy. South also won the year 8 competitive netball.  
In rippa rugby, both schools put up tough teams and we were keen to secure the wins. The competitive boys teams won 6-4 with a stellar try by Harry Read on the final hooter. Unfortunately the competitive girls didn't come away with a win but played with plenty of heart and courage. Our competitive mixed team followed up with a great win - some amazing ball handling and footwork, even though they were barefoot in the mud and rain. Everyone came away with big grins after slipping and sliding around.
Our hockey team faced tough competition with 9 rep players in the Broadgreen team.  At half time, the teams were reorganised and we had fun playing a more evenly matched game.  
The afternoon was topped off with two convincing wins by the girls' and boys' basketball teams.  The atmosphere was buzzing, with a large crowd watching in the hall, due to the volleyball being rained off.  With two of the three challenge games complete, and both of them South wins, we will be bringing the Sports Challenge Trophy home with us - well done South!
What a jam packed, fun-filled day.  No doubt we will all sleep very well tonight.