Two Pods of Classrooms Completed

Building Update

Published on Thursday, 2 June 2011, 12:20 a.m. Print Article

The building work at Christchurch South Intermediate School is not as a result of the earthquake but rather a programme of replacing old classrooms and modernising the school hall. The work began early last year and was temporarily halted after the original contractor went into receivership. Once a new contractor was found the work has continued to progress at a good rate.

The work involves replacing the main block of 15 classrooms with four blocks of new classrooms. This work is being completed in several stages. The first stage saw a block of four classrooms built before the first section of old classrooms was demolished. The second block of new classrooms has just been completed which means the contractors have now just begun the second stage of demolition work. We wish to apologise on behalf of the contractors for the unavoidable noise and vibrations many of our neighbours may be experiencing during this demolition stage. The current demolition work should be completed in three weeks. The first part of this demolition work has seen the removal of the school boiler, which has meant the school is no longer responsible for releasing solid fuel emissions into the local environment – a significant benefit to the community.

The main access for contract vehicles will move from Dominion Avenue to Selwyn Street. Again we would like to apologise for the unavoidable inconvenience this extra traffic can cause.

There will be one more stage of demolition planned for some time in November before construction of the last block of classrooms can begin.

Work has also started on modernising and strengthening the school hall. The hall is long overdue for this work.

When all the building work is completed, which should be early next year, the community will have a virtually new school facility to be very proud of. The education being provided by the schools in this area, including Christchurch South Intermediate, is of an excellent quality. This is a terrific community in which to raise a family. We appreciate our neighbours and work hard to add value to the community we are part of.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please contact the school office if you would like further information or perhaps even a tour of the new facilities.