Grip Leadership Conference 2021

Published on Friday, 9 July 2021, 3:30 p.m. Print Article

On the 10th of June 2021, our head students were given the opportunity to go to the GRIP leadership conference. The GRIP leadership conference is all about inspiring young leaders, and that certainly happened!
The students attending were given multiple opportunities to be involved and throughout the conference were completely engaged. Also they took away from the conference several different lessons, techniques and skills that will benefit them all later in life.
The focus of the course was to develop leadership and to inspire the participants to be more, and to be able to be more effective having identified their strengths. They played games to develop an understanding of clear communication and partook in several activities that put them out of their comfort zone, in order to show all the students attending, what it is like to be a leader sometimes.
Overall the head students benefited hugely from the course and will (hopefully) flourish with the skills gained.
By Jack (Head student) 2021.