Published on Thursday, 3 June 2021, 2:21 p.m. Print Article

On the 14th of May, a group of four CSKI girls took a trip to a youth conference in town to learn about being a leader and making a difference in this world. We were taught about the world hunger pandemic, inequality, and injustice. The first part of the conference was about overfishing which represented greed and selfishness. The second part was about the hunger pandemic and how we can give more to help make the world more fair and a happy place. The third part was about how to fix global issues, get involved, and how everybody is a leader.

Did you know that 244 million people live in food insecurity? This means that 244 MILLION people every single day live in the possibility of not getting a meal for the day. This stunts growth, puts them in malnutrition, and gives them weak and fragile bones. We can help stop this by supporting charities like the 40 hour famine. The 40 hour famine raises money and helps support these countries and areas where people live like this. 

Being a leader is about taking action and risks to be a better person and helping others in need. We can all be leaders together if we join as a team (there's no I in Team!) and support each other to make a change and let the sun shine down on us. 

By Lily Porteous S2