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Science Badges @ CSKI

Published on Friday, 16 April 2021, 1:05 p.m. Print Article

There has been a wonderful uptake in the Science Badges this year with over 40 students signing up. There are a total of 29 badges ranging from Agriculture to Zoology. Students pay $6 at the office and then they see Mr Nixon for the activity sheet. They complete the tasks in their own time. This is a fantastic opportunity for kids to extend themselves in their learning and at the same time extend their knowledge in the Sciences.
Achieved Badges 2021
Lucy Callaghan - Botony, Entomology, Forensic, Sport
Lucy Phillips - Palaeontology
Polly Banfield - Marine Biology
India Armstrong - Large Animals
Taisiia Solomakhina - Astronomy,  Entomology
Abbey Pincus - Marine Biology, Astronomy
Miko Agnew - Marine Biology